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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Helpless, Hopeless, Hapless

Charles Murkle ("Bad Luck Chuck") is widely regarded by the FBI as the unluckiest crime victim in history. His stroke-inducing story, "UP," appears today on the stellar crime blog that's so's criminal: ALL THINGS CRIME. Read it here, then drop to your shaky knees and be thankful this crap never happened to you.

Charles Murkle

If you have a Google Chrome Browser, you can read and hear this story (replete with disturbing music and harrowing sound effects) at Booktrack. Hear it here.

UPDATE: Charles Murkle's fugitive widow, Wanda Wackett-Murkle, was recently featured in the investigative New York Times piece, "Unholy Trinity--Al Capone, the Unabomber, Wanda Wackett-Murkle." She remains at large.

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