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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Books Machine Blog: BOOK FEATURE: Floaters, a dystopian thriller

The Books Machine Blog: BOOK FEATURE: Floaters, a dystopian thriller!

Today, THE BOOKS MACHINE BLOG is featuring my dystopian, "near future" novella, FLOATERS. What's it about? It's about 35,00 words. And it's about this...

When her boyfriend, Tim, goes missing, Rayne follows his trail to a movie theater. On the screen, she spots a familiar face in a crowd. "Tim?" When she opens the rear exit, her journey begins. 

Because at this theater, you never go out...the way you come in. Now turn off your cell phone, dim the lights.

It's showtime.

You can read FLOATERS in the time it will take you to watch a movie. 
Speaking of movies, do not enter this theater.
This theater will "punch your ticket."
Stay home. Read a book.

THE BOOKS MACHINE offers hundreds of free books in exchange for reviews. My three novels are available on the site. You can access The Books Machine via the link at the top of this post.

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