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Thursday, February 19, 2015

EXIT - it's not a door, it's a free download

EXIT, my new thriller, is free today on Amazon. As of this afternoon, it's #7 in Science Fiction, and #9 in Suspense. So far, over 1,500 readers have grabbed a copy of this peculiar story (it's partly set in an alternate world, a grim near-future -- think Twilight Zone with adrenaline). Come tomorrow, these readers will be exhibiting symptoms of volcanic stress, stratospheric high blood pressure, off-the-charts anxiety disorder, ghastly paranoia, and nonstop nightmares. Not to worry, there are occasional moments of humor in the story. 

And, please, don't go through the rear exit door. Never mind why. Now give your nerves a workout, download EXIT (click on cover for link to Amazon).

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