The Museum of Sudden Disappearances

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Friday, May 15, 2015

stop yawning...start reading

Are you a museum lover? Are you bored silly with the Louvre Museum? Totally tired of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art? Does the British Museum cause catalepsy?

cat catalepsy
(bored cat spotted at the Louvre Museum)


Instead, welcome to the world’s #1 imaginary museum, THE MUSEUM OF SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCES. Step inside and meet the irrepressible curator, “Jurassic Jim” Fleetwood. Jim’s mission is to save and restore…well, you’ll see.

same cat after meeting "Jurassic Jim" Fleetwood
at the Meowseum of Sudden Disappearances

This thriller features six "M" words.
("mothballs" & "musty" not included)

Warning: this tale will put your emotions into motion.

Mystery & Melancholy

Mirth & Music 

Mayhem & the Missing

Museum. On sale for 99 pennies. May 16 - 22.

Take a tour inside THE MUSEUM OF SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCES. For book description, click on the cover for Amazon link. 

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