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Sunday, March 6, 2016

EXIT - on sale March 6-12

Jump out of your seat...

Head for the EXIT 

...while you still have time.

Urban renewal? Gentrification? 
Amazon doorstep delivery?
Folks, we're screwed.

EXIT on sale this week from March 6-12

What's this thriller about? Well, it's not a cheery view regarding drones flying into our near-future like a plague of locusts. You can read a review here at BestThrillers. Or you can peek at the post, below. Yes, that's Rod Serling down there. Mr. Twilight Zone himself. He sums up the story with his signature panache. If your blood pressure is a bit elevated today, you may want to skip all this. 

If you page down, you will see two more drone-related posts. The posts have a comic touch. EXIT, however, is a near-future thriller with touches of humor, usually dark. Much like real life, which is filled with gallows humor, while spiking everyone's blood pressure. 

PS: To the rugged visitors of this blog, The Museum of Sudden Disappearances, who check in from time to time, see the same ol' damn thang, and may wonder, "Tom, are you taking a junket on your junky couch while wearing your America's #1 Malingerer t-shirt?" Jeepers, no. I'm chugging along on two novels. One is another Jim Fleetwood story, featuring a teenage Jim (pre-mustache Jim). The other novel is about...well, right now it's about 25,000 words. So, ya know, the blog takes a hit.    

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