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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


British explorer, Ernest Shackleton, and his crew sailed on their legendary ship, Endurance, to the South Pole in 1914...and disappeared. What happened next is widely viewed as the greatest survival story ever told. 

Well, almost.

Below is the missing chapter of the Shackleton story. For the first time ever, at the centennial mark, the world will now finally learn what really happened on that fateful journey. Are you ready, dear reader, to know what Shackleton really discovered at the South Pole?

Put on your hat and boots. Button your coat. Say goodbye to your family and friends. On this polar expedition, you may never return. Now head to the bottom of the world...and disappear. 

The Expedition
a chilly short story by Thomas Davidson
can be read (and heard) HERE on Booktrack.

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