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Saturday, June 7, 2014


The other day I finished the draft of a novella (a scrappy 30,000+ words). What's a novella? It's a novel with a low-calorie, lifestyle disorder (caffeine diet, insomnia, deranged daydreams), hence its svelte word count. A novella can be easily spotted on the street. A novel puts on a silky book jacket before stepping outdoors, whereas a novella sprints up the street wearing Speed-o swim trunks and sneakers.

My novella, a thriller, is loosely based on my short story, EXIT, which won the 2013 San Francisco Litquake/Booktrack "Halloween" short fiction contest. This time around, there's less humor than the Jurassic Jim Fleetwood books. But there's plenty of dark suspense. And, as always, the narrative is very offbeat.

What's it's about? Well, the story begins at a movie theater. And at this theater, you never go out...the way you come in.

The story is still untitled. For now, I'm swinging it through a round of edits, and hope to release it later this month. In the meantime, relax, go see a movie.