The Museum of Sudden Disappearances

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Past is Present - on sale this week for $0.99

"PURE JOY. The most compelling time-travel adventure we've read since Stephen King's 11/22/63." -- Bella Wright,

You can read the complete review HERE. Or grab your suitcase and get...

All aboard. 

Hey, this ain't no Toyota!

Tired of 2016? Sick of the 21st century? Here's a cheap ticket to time-travel back to 1968 and 1993. Two nail-biting trips for the price of one. Yes, ricochet through time. Get rebounded, be astounded. Laugh, cringe, cry, collapse!

On sale: January 5-11

Past is Present
(a "Jurassic Jim" Fleetwood novel)

a 99¢ e-book on Amazon

Care to hitch a ride off the beaten track? Hop inside. Jurassic Jim is behind the wheel of his beloved Runaround Sue, a 1957 two-tone Chevy. This car brakes for romantics and dreamers, but will run over and crush all heartless, soulless nitwits. No exceptions. Sue also specializes in head-on collisions with the modern world (the modern world is vastly overrated).

- Runaround Sue -

The 8-cylinder Aphrodite of the Auto World

This car deserves to win the Miss Universe Contest.

WARNING: this luxury automobile may make you piddle your pants. Yes, she's a knockout. The American Medical Association has declared that "...Runaround Sue is the leading cause of urinary incontinence across the U.S." Grown men collapse and weep just looking at her.

So, wanna go for a ride? By the way, this car has no brakes. Why would it? When you ride with Jim, you go full speed ahead. Brakes are for people who refuse to dream. Ready? It's time to wet your pants and re-embrace life.

Hop in. Here goes. Windows down, radio up. Buckle your seat belt, grab the dashboard to brace yourself, then bounce between 1968 and 1993. Jim is gonna take you to places you will never forget. And who better to take you back in time than the most backward man in America?


For a copy, click PAST and give yourself a present.