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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Earth Prime vs. Earth Two

 Spot Quiz

Here’s a brain-bouncer as we slide into the spring of 2022. Who are the two most famous 44-year-old men on Earth-Prime? Here's a hint. They're not soul mates.

Tick...tick...tick. Time’s up.

1) Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, age 44 (born: 1/25/78), embattled, sleepless president of Ukraine with a jumbo heart.

most inspirational president and comedian
of Cenozoic era
(bar none)

2) Donald John Trump Jr., age 44 (born: 12/31/77), American political activist, businessman, author, and former...uh...television presenter.

The brain-bouncer? Here goes.

Imagine a parallel world (Earth Two) where Donnie Junior is the heroic president of Ukraine, decked out daily in an olive-green tee and galvanizing the battered masses, leading the underdogs as they fight for freedom – the ultimate global showdown. Democracy vs. Autocracy.

Imagine...President Donnie Junior...igniting the masses?

Crikey! These two dudes graduated from high school in 1996. Twenty-six years they are on the world stage. A president and a president's son sharing the same indecipherable universe.

Ever hear of a Maalox martini? It's a cocktail made with gin, vermouth and antacid. It's garnished with an olive tee-shirt or, if you prefer it bitter, an ironic twist of lemon.

Serve with ice because, hey, face it, our universe is clearly "on the rocks."