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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Flashy Flash-Fiction for Halloween

"My name is Fyodor. I approve of this message."

Imagine Fyodor Dostoevsky cranking out a story for Halloween. Flash fiction, less than 1000 words. Imagine the story as a mini-Crime and Punishment with gallows humor. Maybe it would look something like this little number below. This puny story also has edgy music and deranged sound effects, thanks to those wonderfully unstable folks in New Zealand at Booktrack.

Click on the black-and-orange graveyard, which will transport you to...oh, well, you'll see. And, remember, you can read this story faster than you can spell F-y-o-d-o-r-D-o-s-t-o-e-v-s-k-y.

Two world-weary paramedics are included in this tale. Years ago, I knew two hilarious paramedics who scoured the midnight streets of downtown Detroit. Stan, Bernie...wherever you boys are...I salute you! If I must die in the back of a speeding ambulance, siren wailing, I hope it's yours. I would truly die laughing.

The Books Machine Blog: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Thomas Davidson

The Books Machine Blog: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Thomas Davidson: TBM: How do you imagine the ideal reader of your novel, FLOATERS? TD: My ideal reader understands that we live on a strange, often bizarre planet ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Books Machine Blog: BOOK FEATURE: Floaters, a dystopian thriller

The Books Machine Blog: BOOK FEATURE: Floaters, a dystopian thriller!

Today, THE BOOKS MACHINE BLOG is featuring my dystopian, "near future" novella, FLOATERS. What's it about? It's about 35,00 words. And it's about this...

When her boyfriend, Tim, goes missing, Rayne follows his trail to a movie theater. On the screen, she spots a familiar face in a crowd. "Tim?" When she opens the rear exit, her journey begins. 

Because at this theater, you never go out...the way you come in. Now turn off your cell phone, dim the lights.

It's showtime.

You can read FLOATERS in the time it will take you to watch a movie. 
Speaking of movies, do not enter this theater.
This theater will "punch your ticket."
Stay home. Read a book.

THE BOOKS MACHINE offers hundreds of free books in exchange for reviews. My three novels are available on the site. You can access The Books Machine via the link at the top of this post.