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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Art of Phone Ju-Jitsu

Are You a Victim of Telemarketing Terrorism?

(that's not a phone call.....that's a headlock)

Fight Back with these Self-Defense Tips 

This is a free Insider's Guide to thwarting telephone attacks!

Click on above image and reclaim your life (and phone)!

Put the "fun" back in fundraising---say, "No way!"

The above image will take you to Amazon for a .mobi format download. For all other formats, including .epub for Nook, click on the word Smashwords below.

If you enjoy THE ART OF PHONE JU-JITSU, please post a quick review on Amazon or elsewhere. In the meantime, use your flip phone to flip off the telephone terrorists.

* * *

The above version of Phone Ju-Jitsu is text with pictures. Below is the Booktrack version of Phone Ju-Jitsu, which has a different ending and sound effects. Yes, music and sound effects. This is a telephone call like you've never heard it before. Brace yourself. Do not pick up this phone unless you're prepared to be hammered, hounded, and horrified. You ready? Or are you gutless? Go on. We dare ya. Pick it up and say, "Hello?"

Monday, August 4, 2014


The first chapter of my new dystopian/supernatural thriller, FLOATERS, is now available on Booktrack. You can read...and hear...the story. 

Just click on the eyeballs.
(Warning: Upon reading the excerpt, you may never go to the movies again.)

A book description and first chapter of FLOATERS are posted below on this blog. Click here.